David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

el Mundo iluminado, y yo despierta

and so ends Sor Juana's El Sueno: the World illuminated, and me awake
and so it's been for me lately, two awakening dreams, and now dreams of symbol, of repetition, of fatiguing meaninglessness...
or perhaps something bigger is brewing?

cribbing Anselmo_b's interest list I discovered Sor Juana for the first time--
and I am stunned
as if I discovered a new continent
as large as Africa
somewhere in the Pacific.
a woman, a poet, a nun,
a seventeenth century precursor
of Emily Dickenson, Virginia Wolfe,
but more--
as metaphysical as John Dunne
who would imagine such a one
as Sor Juana?

but perhaps like W, I mis-underestimate her,
having known her but a few days?

the day after joculum brought up the topic of penguins
I found a whole raft of them at the Book Corner in
Bloomington-- not just penguins, but Penguin Classics
one by one I touched the spines
and got a tingle as if braille
from Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Poems, Protest, and a dream.
I also gathered
Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth, Sterne's Sentimental Journey,
The Cistercian World, and Borges' Collected Fictions.

May all dreams be Borgesian! Or are they always
by default?
One story that had stuck in my mind, though yet
unread was The Zahir. What a joke on me! I am not
likely to forget it now...
I wanted to fill in my Borges gaps
To possess the oeuvre
But now I see that to possess Borges
is to be possessed by Borges
there is little one can do but make room for him
inside of you
for he will color your thoughts thereafter
like a voice telling you what to notice
in any room

and yes I sometimes have dreams like the test pattern
of a fifties tv station gone off the air

or when I did store inventories
I dreamt I was counting packets of chips, cases of soup,
mountains of paper towels
all night, endlessly, an
inventory hell

we awake from dreams into dreams
this life seems a long one
from it we awaken to what?
Borges, a postcard please

this clears my mental buffers for now
and I will return to naming
and a Borgesian analysis of
Stedman Whitwell's
rational geographic nomenclature
and then bring it all
home again to
make final words on
the magic of Crowleyian prose

or at least that is my intent
and a firm resolve
is good enough for
government work
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