David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

The Chocolate Deity (an impromptu rhyming poem)

In olden days when gods were small
and seething
bitter baby gods
in teething--

One afternoon the god of boats
floated by the god of moats
Good Sir, he said, the god of wood
has told me that he understood
the god of water never speaks
for his sake to the god of leaks

But hear the god of bailing weep
to see the god of fountains leap
up dancing in the god of air,
and splashing on the god of seats--
does not the god of water care?

Said moats, the god of fountains
is sub-god to the god of mountains
and nothing to the god of leaks
to which the god of water
for wood's sake never speaks--
now beware the god of sinking's stare

Then on the shore the god of candy
wrestled with the god of brandy
and the god of alcohol grew pale
as overhead the god of leafy shade
led forth the chocolate deity

The great god of cocoa and god of brown
the god of creamy texture all around
the god of goo
they all lay down
and called upon the god of lovely sound
to praise the chocolate deity

The god of chocolate boats
addressed the god of chocolate moats
and said Sir, the god of cocoa floats
with creamy fountain gods
beneath the chocolate mountain gods
and claims this boat, this moat,
in one delicious drink
and with the god of chocolate muck
I sink
within the chocolate deity
Tags: humor, poems

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