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Awakening Dreams

I have been having dreams lately that reach a moment of intensity that causes my mind to become alert, my blood to pound, my body to rouse itself from sleep.  I used to wake myself up during nightmares when I was a child, but this is different-- a sheer intensity of emotion.  I have heard of  "night terrors," but these are not frightening during the experience, but just afterwards, in contemplation.

The evening before last I dreamed I was driving some distrusted acquaintances to some unspecific destination. My generosity had been abused, and I was wondering how soon I could drop them off and be rid of them. I was driving an old Ford convertible with the top down. I have never owned such a car.  I was not, as I remember, naked.

There was a fellow sitting next to me and two in the back seat.  As we pulled up to a stoplight, they all began talking about getting high by injecting drugs. They got needles and syringes out and were offering injections to passengers in nearby cars.  The fellow in the front seat said he should inject me to pay for the ride.  They were filling the syringes from big jugs that might have contained apple cider.

Well, I am a pharmacophobic, so I guess I now am in a nightmare.  But I was not afraid. These guys were fumbling idiots, worthy only of my disgust.

But the guy in the seat next to me just looked at me and said "Get up!"  At first I thought he meant  "get high."  Then I thought he meant that light had changed and I should "get going."  But he looked at me like my life depended on me acting immediately, like "Duck!, Now!"  So then I could see in his eyes he was no longer a part of my dream. He was somewhere else, telling me to get up-- the real me, the sleeper, and so I jumped out of bed and stood there in the dark wondering.  "What the hell.....?  was that?



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Oct. 10th, 2008 12:51 pm (UTC)
I woke up in the middle of the night, and not being able to go to sleep again right away, I went and read this. I didn't get to sleep at all afterwards...
It must have been a really scary experience, even if it was only a nightmare.
Oct. 10th, 2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
Possibly it was related to an episode of "Fringe" that is now on TV, and a program I rather admire as a replacement for "X-files." In the episonde someone entered into the still-functioning mind of an almost dead person to give and receive information.
Thus it might have been a dream about what it would be like to have someone from outside the dream enter the dream to deliver a message. That might be possible in a dream without it actually being true. But how would you know for sure?
I did all the classic stuff like checking for fires, burglars, emergencies, etc. But there seemed to have been no dire reason for such a message. I have been thinking so much about over-lapping realities that my mind invented a new kind of dream for me.
Oct. 12th, 2008 01:50 pm (UTC)
I think whatever explanation I come up with may be more important than the dream itself. In other words, like a Rorshach test.

After reflection, I have made this analysis:

I am going somewhere unspecified with people whose values I do not share. This is my default state as an American. The car represents corporate America and also my current job. It is out of date, something I must leave soon. The top down means that I am halfway through this process and feel the winds of change.

My passengers are: "distractions" in the front seat, with "financial goals", and "unfinished administrative work" in the back.

My passengers are all parts of myself, and the liquid they were offering to inject me with was "Puritan work ethic." That is why I was disgusted. I am more judgmental of myself than others.

I am well aware of the phrase from the movie "Dune" that "the sleeper must awaken."

The part of me that normally provides distractions was alerting me that it was time to "get up." To stop dreaming and get a grip on a more meaningful reality.

My life does depend on it.

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