David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Hey-- People!

A few new friends have dropped by this journal,  due most likely to the friendly referral Joculum posted this week on his site!  Thanks Joculum!  I feel I am no longer invisible, no longer just a gadfly on other LJ pages, but perhaps a member of an LJ community?  The venerable JC has even posted. 

Why do I get sweaty palms when trading quips with JC? -- he's such a good guy.  I guess I just feel I'm operating at a lower level of complexity. Anybody else get that feeling? Oh unworthy, unworthy....

And please accept my apologies for any bombast and clunkiness.  I am just an aphorist trying to bust loose into a novelist.  

It's a hard thing.
to do.

Most often I am quite harmless.
Tags: bio, john crowley

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