David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Bye Bye earth rocks-- Hello Mars!

     Ok, I'm coming out of the asteroid belt on this, I've become an alien.  And though I am somewhat related to the Celtic tradition of standing stones, the stones back at my new home seldom stand because they constantly freeze and thaw and break into pieces.

     Yes, now my home is on Mars.

     Why LJ pages should have a general title, I am not sure, but almost anything you can think of to throw up there, in any language, is probably already in use somewhere else on the Internet.  I have changed titles whenever I have become aware of too many similar pages. It's so hard to be unique anymore!

     My hunch is that there are not too many earthlings trying to establish a Martian identity yet,  and so I have an opportunity to get there first and enjoy the thin, salty, iron-dusty air all to myself.  Well, there are a couple of rovers to play with, and a fine list of writers that have visited in the past, and more coming all the time. It may be a while before I get cable, but I suppose I can pick up Life on Mars from the BBC via satellite relay?
     Nope. no urban sprawl here yet.  I like to get out into an alien terrain and let the mind and body ramble over the rocks. That's me in the photo all right--- odd, slow, but out there. 

Note from Nasa:

"For example, on Earth, your legs support approximately 1 body weight (BW) when standing, 1.33BW when walking, and 3BW when jogging. On Mars, the same activity would generate 0.38BW standing, 0.5BW walking, and 1BW when jogging. In space, no impact load is generated, as gravity is minimal"

Bone Research and animal support of Human Space Exploration: Where do we go from here?
Emily R. Morey-Holton, Ph.D., NASA-Ames Research Center
Tags: bio

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