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Flash of Wire-- Part 2

When Ted awoke he was unsure how much time had passed, but felt vaguely that it was much later, possibly hours later. It had either grown dark outside, or the shades had been drawn and the lights dimmed in the room. He noticed without anxiety the shadow of a stuffed bobcat spread across the wall facing him, and beneath it the doctor sitting in a chair. The doctor stood and walked over to him, shining his small light into each of Ted's eyes.

"Good," the doctor said. "Let us begin. Are you comfortable? You should feel very relaxed now. Just focus your mind on this dream you have been having and tell me about it."

Ted did feel relaxed, so relaxed that he did not think he could move his arms and legs, or nod his head if he tried to do so. Nonetheless he felt clear-headed and when he began to speak he seemed to be able to enunciate well enough.

"I have been dreaming that I am a different person living on a remote Greek island, sometime in the past. I know I am still me, but I look very different in my dream. I am a sculptor working on a relief-- the shield and spear of the Spartan Leonidas.

"A beautiful woman comes to me. We seem to know each other. She smiles but tells me: 'You will not yet be forgiven.' She leaves and the dream turns dark with wind and rain.

"I go to the taverna with some friends to warm myself. The taverna owner gives me free wine, and over the din, I think I hear him whisper to me: 'She's mine now..."

"Then I see a small hooded man staring at me from a table across the room. I feel a sharp pain between my ribs. I am struck by fear and find it difficult to breathe. I leave quickly.

"I know that the hooded man is following me, somehow catching up with me though he never varies his slow pace. Occasionally I see the woman out of the corner of my eye. I feel a constant pain, a pulling in my ribs. I soon become exhausted. I make my way to the churchyard and kneel down to pray. That's where the dream ends."

Cydonia photo: ESA

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