David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross


This is not a review, but it certainly must be a response to the film. It's the log of a dream I had recently:

I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night in the house I grew up in, knowing that something must be wrong. On the way to the kitchen to get a bite and a drink, I passed my father lying on the couch. He was awake and staring at the ceiling. The lighting in the house was flickering oddly. My father said "If you go in the kitchen try not to be freaked out."

The dials of all three clocks in the kitchen were spinning impossibly fast. Through the window over the kitchen table I could see a blinding burst of light that lasted about three seconds, followed by three seconds of dark. The sun was rising every six seconds.

My father entered the kitchen and calmly got a beer. "How can this be possible?" I said. He shrugged. "Dad, the earth is spinning, uh, MILLIONS of miles per hour on its axis. "How can we breathe? What about winds? We are spinning faster than escape velocity-- why aren't we being thrown into space?

"Cheers," he said. lifting his beer and then heading back to the couch.

My heart was racing like jackhammer and I could feel that I would soon be overcome with fear, vertigo and nausea.

I woke violently in response to the dream sound of our house being ripped from its foundation.

I did the following math:

24,000 miles in 6 seconds
X 10 = 240,000 miles in 1 minute
X 60 = 14,400,000 miles per hour

That is a nightmare of a number!
Tags: dreams

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