David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Writing Ballistically

I notice that I use the word "reward" in my Hilbert post, almost casually. That word could demand a whole thread unto itself. What does the reader get of value from having read? Should the author worry about that?  There is the "commercial common sense" factored in somewhere for the writer who makes a living at it, but there is something deeper also.  All writing, perhaps especially fiction, is a measure of the writer(I avoid the word "man" even though the alliteration beckons). All writing is also subtle, whether, intentionally, brilliantly, or merely unavoidably, banally. Every piece of writing is a piece of ethics, and a sentence is like a bullet shot with varying degrees of accuracy in the direction of truth. The reader athlete chases these bullets down hoping some of them will lodge in his heart.
Tags: writers and writing

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