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Fluxus Nelson, a Gilliamesque.

But my new form of literature (new only for me perhaps):
Cinema-Literatur.  Descriptive film.  A movie that can not be made for
obvious, or subtle reasons-- or SHOULD not be made for obvious or subtle

In a copter shot we approach the top of a bridge that
spans Olduvai Gorge.  Nelson Mandela is being trussed like a turkey and
tied with a bungee cord around his ankles. Then he is lifted over the
rail and dropped, head first, into the abyss.  A close-up of his face
reveals that he is calm with a frown that is actually a smile upside
down.  It takes a long time for the shot, oddly done in slow motion, to
unfold.  Water looms up below.  The water is full of apples. Suddenly,
with a snap, Nelson locks an apple in his teeth and recoils back into
the sky.  One can almost still see a smile behind the apple in his
mouth.  He ascends and rotates so that now he is plummeting upwards, the
apple in the avant garde as he passes the bridge.  He is apparently free of
gravity now, and as the bungee line stretches after
him a technician with a large scissors cuts it.   Freed, Nelson shoots
into the bottom of a fluffy cloud, but penetrates it only partially
accompanied by a loud crunching sound.  The cloud is made of styrofoam,
and only Nelson's lower parts-- his knees to his feet can now be seen.  Tthe bottom of
his shoes have his name stamped clearly on
each. Just next to him are shoes stamped Albert Schweitzer. As the camera
pulls back, the cloud is full of hundreds of pairs of feet.  As it
pulls back farther we see hundreds of clouds, all full of feet.

The above is my idea of what it would take to make a fluxus instruction more interesting.  A Gilliamesque.


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Aug. 20th, 2011 10:36 am (UTC)
Your text is quite powerful at evoking images. That makes one even more keen to see an actual film. Which in its turn makes one try even harder to visualize the images.
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