David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Too Strange to Avoid Mentioning

On the way to a doctor's appointment this morning I saw a UFO silhouetted by the sun and rapidly flying toward my car at a low altitude.  It was a shape I had never seen before-- not flying anyway.  It passed in front of me about thirty feet in the air.  When it gained the sun from my point of view I could suddenly identify it, and laughed-- it was a Mickey Mouse inflatable that had gotten loose from some party I imagine.  It had a small body, short dangling arms and legs, famous round ears extending from its huge head, with its face painted in a maniacal Mickey smile-- but it had seemed at first, unlit by sunlight and oddly flung by the wind, to be as sinister as a  H.R. Giger alien rushing down from the sky to attack my car.

And now the totally inexplicable, meaningless, yet true (and who would care one way or the other?) experience of my return trip.  Along the same stretch of road I wondered what had happened to the balloon and looked off the direction it had flown.  I saw nothing at first, and then about a quarter mile in front of me, as though it had been waiting to ambush me,  the balloon floated up out of the side gully of the highway, the Mickey face pointed directly at me, like a big "Here I am!"  The balloon rose slowly to about fifteen feet off the ground, and then descended slowly again, perfectly poised, always facing me, until it disappeared below the brim of the road.  It was quite like a surreal bit of cgi finely crafted by a team of digital artists, but it somehow had just happened, by chance, in nature.

This is the sort of weirdness I live for!

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