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2011-- a full reveal and an appeal...

Ok, on the first day of January we (meaning the multiple discursive personas that here jog upon Mars) will begin a new series of ramblings, while at the same time expanding and obscuring all previous ramblings in a reckless manner. The tone for the year will be one of playful , and hopefully-- even charming, garrulity. 

The other day when there was a discussion touching on dyslexia, I thought that there must be a term for people who recklessly apply their erudition, either through sloppiness, or an inability to snap all the pieces in their proper places when accessing the things they know(unfortunately not the first of the puzzle imagery this year!)?  I can't find a word for this that satisfies me.  Malapropism comes close, but is rather too intentional and obvious and humorous.  I am thinking more of something  that's really brilliant AND really wrong, but close.  Maybe that applies to most things written?  I was thinking of a such a sentence "He was obviously well educated, but his dis-erudition was enough to make one's head spin."

Certainly I am not pointing fingers at any historic figures alive or dead, but rather at myself, because my particular sort of dyslexia seems to be of this broader kind.  If it is a kind.   In the land of the Diserudites, I would be at least an ranking official.  (intentional "ugly" an)

That being said, I have spent a lot of time on Face Book this year and found it to be quite a bit more enjoyable than I imagined.  I am now almost to the point where I can understand the thrill of receiving tweets and instant messages on the social stock market in the same way the "old money" loved to watch their ticker tapes. But no, I'm not quite there, nor likely to get there.  Most of what passes for communication on Face Book is similar to locker room towel-slaps and tribal gruntings.  This is not bad inasmuch as it is fun to be part of a tribe. This is not to say either that people on Face Book are not brilliant communicators-- most, or many are.  It's the format that prohibits in-depth messages.
To me Face Book has been like the instant ability to convene a committee without actually having to drive in traffic to get to the meeting.  It is also a live continuous snap shot of a community to which you may belong, or want to belong. It is also, for its regular users, a broad pipeline into the daily activities of those people they most care about.

LiveJournal.  Strange, it sounds like they had something a little more Facebookey in mind when they quoined that name:  it has the ring of a happening place!  My experience here has not been like that though.  I have not sent out friend requests here in the same madcap method of Face Book.  Madcap seeming--  and yet my total of 287 friends on Face Book are mostly people I have actually met in the last year bumping around in the mid-western acting community.

So frankly, I would not know as easily here who to send requests to in this quieter, more academic, and often disquietingly picture-less setting.   This does not bother me inasmuch as I keep this journal for myself though I may seem to publish it and address it to the world.  Such a small world, as it is, makes it still very much a private journal, but one more pleasing for me to look at than the cramped scrawlings on coffee-ruined pages that I was used to having.

Still, I would enjoy having a bit more discussion within these pages, so please jump in whenever you might.  I will try not to rap anyone's knuckles for posting comments on my pages.

I have been greatly pleased by the responses of my two very loyal LiveJournal friends (they know who they are) over the last few years. AND I would be happy to have a few more LiveJournal friends, preferably of the hardy sort, so that these older buddies of mine are not taxed to the breaking point by my proposed year of playful garrulity.

Some character pictures from 2010: the man in front of the curtain.  



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Jan. 3rd, 2011 12:12 pm (UTC)
I consider myself very lucky to have come upon LJ. I came first when I learned that John Crowley was keeping a blog here and I rather quickly found a couple of lj friends whose blogs I enjoy reading much, even if my participation is rather erratic.
Facebook doesn't work for me. I opened an account on the insistence of my sister, but I've never used it and the friend requests have piled up since to the current number of 38. All of them are people who I knew back in primary school. I wouldn't mind meeting them again in a class reunion or if they really meant to have a civil conversation, of most I have fond memories, but I just don't see why I should interact with people with whom I have shared nothing for 30 years by "liking" or "thumbing up" stuff they post on their "wall". Anyway, it's good to have you around here.
Happy new Year.
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