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Although I had  had "Greek Salad" in the States, I really did not expect to be offered Greek Salad in Greece.  I thought that Americans just crumbled feta cheese on lettuce and that single act made it a Greek Salad in their mind.  Well, this is partially true, but most of the same ingredients are there in the American version.  However, in Greece,  a Greek Salad can be the whole, or at least a bigger part of, the meal.  And in Greece the salad far surpasses the American version both in freshness and in varieties of local feta cheeses, and oils, and the occasional addition of an eccentric, unknown ingredient.  So it is always with anticipation that one waits in a newly discovered taverna to sample  the local version of the salad.  Some are just ok.  Some are food for Gods. The latter are worth a trip back to Greece to revisit with a bottle or two of Mythos Beer (which in my own mind is one of the necessary ingredients of a Greek Salad, and the one most often missing in the American version).

Coming from a land of  Dunkin Donuts to a land much closer to the inventors of the croissant I was overwhelmed with the myriad pastry and bread creations whose names I could not utter and whose praises I could not find words for, beyond  "My God, My God, what is this incredible stuff... "  I feared for my life against overindulgence. Morning news: An American recently addicted to Greek pastries was discovered in an insulin induced coma this morning. The man was covered in powder, smeared with honey and cream fillings, and had a half eaten "insert something Greek here" cake in his mouth.  This is the fifth such incident since the beginning of high tourist season." 


Cydonia photo: ESA

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