David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

XXX Babel Tower Puzzle Completed!

Wednesday at exactly noon the last piece of my Tower of Babel Puzzle flew into place with a mental sounding of trumpets that might do nicely for the opening of the gates of paradise.  Done!  The last 20 or so pieces went in minutes, a puzzle sprint, exactly like in a football game when the defense suddenly folds and the way is seen clear to the goal line.

I might have finished the puzzle a week sooner, but the prospect of  loosing the source of my daily puzzle meditation caused me to slow down, to prolong the ending somewhat.  All in all, the puzzle took 20 months to complete.

One primary goal of the project has been well met:  I have painstakingly focused on a process that has taken over a year and a half of nearly daily effort.  This is sort of a trial run for novel or film creation. I see it as analogous to a finger exercise for a pianist, but in this form transmuted to an exercise of will, of concentration, of daily desire. 

Having spent 20 months focusing on an object of desire, I know that it was worth the time.  Now I know this tower and all its intricacies as well as I know my own home-- well enough in fact that it would take decades of non-remembering to forget it.

But  it WILL NOT be forgotten.  My intention is to use my tower as my personal memory palace, to make it my symbolic universe, to inhabit it, to perhaps even use it as a personal Valhalla where I might dwell when this life is over. 

Ok, my "freaky meter" is going off the scale, but you get the general idea.

Behold the Tower!
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