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Blue All Placed in Wicked Babel Skies

In January the teal and brown water.  In May I struggled to ascend the tower in the dark, but snarled in pulleys, debris, and a  thousand shadows all the same, no matter how brightly the sun shone on my back. 

Horizons then , the clean break between ground and sky, tower and sky, then up to the Persian blue east, the bronzed west, and on to the face hanging in the west:  the cloudy brow of Jehovah, the worried, jealous brow. 

But quantum sky bits, just as chimeric in their light as the shadows in their dark, plagued progress.  A magnifying glass to see the brush stroke texture was all that often separated two pieces of sky which both seemed ideal for a single spot.  Sometimes the gift of a bird, or an edge of cloud rallied the spirits, sometimes, there were many days of variations of mere guessing.

But the blue got in.  All of it.  The yellow and the greens and pinks found places in the blue, mostly good ones, with a few possible exceptions that may yet be found.  Now all that remains of the sky is the white and bronzed far western sky.  The tower top is outlined now, and when the sky is done, the next color migration will be of the tan, brown, gold pieces of the west tower face. When those golden bits are all in place, the tower will be half done...

but the last pieces of this puzzle, the pieces drenched in dark....

Those. ...
Cydonia photo: ESA

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