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Babel Puzzle XXVIII: Revising Skies

Wallace Stevens would have loved my puzzle, and the amazingly different wrong ways it can be put together. I think the sky might be pieced together exactly as needed to match the various stanzas of "Sea Surface full of Clouds."  Perhaps there is an even better way to construct the puzzle than match the picture? No, that way lies madness...

Today I extracted three conjoined pieces from the center of a cloud and replaced them with three identically conjoined but differently hued pieces that seem to make the cloud now what it should have been, but only almost was.  I found two more pieces of "bad sky" and replaced them with "good sky."  Then I found a piece I had been looking for for months, languishing placidly in the embrace of a distant sky formation far from its true home.  It makes me worry-- what if God were color blind? or...?

nothing so disturbs
as to scan the heavens
and find

five distinct pieces
of bad sky


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Nov. 8th, 2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
Sea Surface Full of Clouds
I first read that way back in high school, in an anthology I pilfered from my mother. I still want to see something flee in an enormous undulation.
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Cydonia photo: ESA

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