David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Phrases Set to Stun II

I plan to use this heading as a regular type of post to contain snippets of things that may or may not be meaningful, but function like little earwigs eating away at the back of my brain-- a lot of jangled, mixed-metaphoric material that needs to be extracted and examined.  Pulling out a phrase or two to marvel at its weirdness, or to possibly interpret it.   Anyone is invited to contribute.  The rule is simply that it be some personally-derived snippet that is making itself hard to get rid of.  Put it here, and fugeddaboutit.

Note on user pic:  I have bumped into many other folk who also made the tape at Universal Studio's Star Trek Adventure. I have also watched some ot the videos that have been put up on youtube.  It gives me a great appreciation for what the actor goes through in a cgi rich movie.  They don't get to really comprehend the movie they are in until they see it later in a theater.   Nor do they get to respond honestly to visual cues. Instead they get to talk to the end of a stick, or cower in terror before a splash of green paint.  

But today's phrase is not Star Trek related at all.  It is:

"Nothing like an old-fashioned Cowboy GEE-HAWD!"
Tags: pss, word games

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