David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Chalk-on-Blackboard Look... is Gone... and Back Again!

This (only recently was) the "black subway" theme of Tiffany Chow's Expression style.  I am not able as of yet to find the right color lines to manipulate all the individual font colors, backgrounds, foregrounds, etc. that go into the style so I thought I would try this for while.  My first impression is that it is somewhat easier on the eyes and more interesting than all the white.  However, I remember when I went to the simple white format I remember thinking the same thing. Perhaps change itself can be easier on the eyes when the old style begins to stale.

Not real crazy about the yellow text, but I DO really like the way the black pops out the header almost in 3-D so it seems the page is floating a few kilometers above Mars.

Now I need to do a few posts about my favorite Mars jogging spots.  Of course, Cydonia pretty much tops the list!

I wonder if I can randomize the header script so that a new slice of Mars will pop up every time it is reloaded?
Tags: bio

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