David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

New Header Image

I had planned to try a replacement of  the header image on my page when I took the permanent membership offer last fall.  I liked the page design and the look of the fonts, but the random set of letters in the heading were beginning to bug me.  I tried to get them to spell something interesting, but failed. 

The page style is an "expression style" by Tiffany Chow as you can see in the lower part of the sidebar. In the FAQS under replacing header images it gives the code changes necessary to put in your own image.  It suggests 940 pixels wide is best to work with.  All that is required is to select Custom CSS on the left of the cusomization page.  A blank window appears and you just past in the code from the FAQ then modify it to show the url of your new image and its pixel height.

Also, paid members can load header images into their ScrapBook area and access them from there instead of from remote servers.  No worries then about setting that up.  It was not clear exactly what the specific url to the image was because the Scrapbook displays its own notation for file names.  However, by selecting the image only, and then just pasting the url shown at the top for that location-- it  worked anyway, to my amazement, on the first try.

So if it was that easy for me, no one else should have a problem!

I also got serious a little while today with the digital camera and made some (well, I think they're cool...) user pics for a little variety.  I also upgraded the jogging image, bringing it closer to the front and brightening it a little.

Yes, if you look closely there is very little face or left arm to the runner.  It is actually a mirage of a runner on Mars.  It is a mirage of me, however, pulled from a 5K race a few years back.
Tags: bio

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