David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Name Change

When I first logged on to LiveJournal I had no idea I might stay around and just took the first variant of my name that went through.  However,  the name has always seemed too flabby and unaesthetic to me.  So, I have tried to make it something that suits me better.  My new handle is palindromic, celtic, terse, typographically interesting, and more enjoyable for me to use.

I will probably continue to change page styles rather frequently as well.  I am looking at the space-style pages, possible header background modifications, and also the black subway page.  The latter reminds me of deli-blackboard art with colored chalk.  Hmmm---  Philosophical Deli.  A possible page name? The Dill Pickle.  Kosher Jogging.  Well, I think I will stick on Mars for now.
Tags: bio

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