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Get Nine Twits, Neun

The valentine W post was a variety of my warped humor combining the knowledge that I would be entering into W's On Certainty on the one hand, with lyrics by the Troggs on the other. I suppose I could have added the line "I, Kant, know for sure."  I had not actually begun On Certainty yet, as indicated by the faux W rambling.

Dipping into Kant, I see that some things I read there forty years ago made enough impact to inform my W-like statements for propositions of thought.  Hybridization.

Where we are going from here is through Uncertainty (little F. slip there), the Blue and Brown Books, and the Investigations, and attempting to pick up a fresh take on naming and the uses of language.  This is not W's agenda, but ours.  And while it might be said that language games produce nothing outside of their contained example, it might also be true that a writer, possessed of a theory of his relationship to such games, might produce a different sort of writing, something differently informed and more within a controlled framework of personal diction than a writer who has never bothered to think of these things.  Who knows?

I am also curious how linguists counter the W. threat to their existence, and attempt to be a science?

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