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Anaglyph Tower | XXIII |

I have attached popsicle sticks to my cardboard red/blue glasses since the cardboard is failing now and they never did fit very well to my ears.
As mentioned previously, one should see the terrain of Mars in 3-D.  There's nothing quite so spectacular on Earth-- well, except the water features. 
I stumbled across some 2-D to 3-D conversions of famous art.  Due to digital graphics processes this sort of thing can be done to a high degree of perfection.  Some prefer the old stereo side-by-side picture technique (it does preserve the colors), but the anaglyph pictures are interesting too.

Here is the anaglyph tower:  www.jim3dlong.com/anaglyphs-art-26.html
Some of the other images on the site are worth exploring.  In general, when converting a painting to anaglyph, the layers appear flat, and human figures are cardboard like cut-outs.  This collection of anaglyphs, however, has some striking exceptions to this.

The "Mona Lisa,"  for example,  appears as though standing, or sitting,  before you in a field at dusk.  The atmospherics of the distances adds something palpable to these paintings, although I am not of the opinion that this gimmick at all elevates the quality of the art.  Still, it is as if placing the art back into the real world-- just add water, er, magic glasses to bring the reality back to life.  "Another World II" and "Rind" by Escher, one might argue, are actually improved by the 3-D.  Escher must have anticipated this.

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