David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Panoply of Possible Posts

Roman numerals enclosed in absolute value piping indicate a Tower of Babel puzzle post.  A German number spelled: a Wittgenstein post. 

I also want to keep a science fiction thread, a medieval thread (12th-16th centuries), a utopia thread, a John Crowley thread.  But now I am also attracted to a Durrell thread to undo the botch job of latter-day critics. Perhaps then a contemporary writer thread, so that poor John and Larry will not have to bear the brunt of my praise?  Also a Mars thread, a physics thread, poetry thread, AI and cognitive science thread.

Ungh!  I find myself already stung to paralysis by this self-jousting, this entering unto the lists....

Some of these threads may be short-lived or fail to be born.  But  be aware this is not the politics, news, or weather channel.  Of these things I must remain silent.

Instant aphorism of the day:  It's so hard to know whether you are biding your time or pissing your soul away.
Tags: bio

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