July 17th, 2010

An INCEPTION From the Rule

3rd Revision: final (for now) 7-20-10

Of course I mean an exception from(or to) the rule, but in the logic of this wildly illogical movie, it makes no difference.  The only way I can possibly begin to enjoy Christopher Nolan's latest movie INCEPTION is by establishing a suspension of disbelief  tied to the assumption that we are seeing some sort of BRAINSTORM-like or UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD- like  dream transcript, and not reality at all-- ie: the movie does not begin or end in the real world as we know it.  If this is so, then BRAVO!, the clues littered along the way worked!  But If this is not so, then the movie is the most egregious display of fuzzy-thinking I have ever seen.

What follows ought to be read AFTER seeing the movie.  That way it will make a little more sense (but not much), and your pristine viewing experience will not be spoiled. 

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