February 18th, 2009

Wild Thing, or Twine Testing, Sieben

Some new lyrics as a belated valentine to those of a certain age, or W lovers, or anyone:

You make my heart sing...
You make everything groovy, 
Like a Wim Wender movie. 

1. 233  There is a great deal of uncertainty in this protean relationship.  Ask yourself if the feelings of a color-blind alien can be said to be known by humans.

1.2334 I might assert that a mere operational description of corporal love either is, or is not, a sufficient substitute for  the ding an sich. The proof would involve asking several more unanswerable questions.  But it is uncertain that such questions can be framed without them becoming meaningless.

But I wanna know for sure...

1.3   Imagine the case where temporal uncertainty can be overcome for an indeterminate time by the clasping of two entities.

Come on, hold me tight...

1.5  The proof is in the pudding. Enjoy!

(Wim Wender does not occur in the original lyrics by the Troggs, nor did  W write the numbered insertions.)
(I am still sorting out how to incorporate this new material within the scheme of the original music)