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Morph or Stream?

Ok, I have a game called "Morph."  It might also be called "Stream." Playing it well feels something like taking a mental pee. So far I have not been able to engage in any game play verbally with persons capable of extended play.  It is somewhat easier in writing the strings.  In verbal play a five second pause ends the string.  A  judge is sometimes needed to decide if the connectors are valid.

Perhaps you are a "Morph" capable person who would like to post examples of your abilities? It is possible that I am not the inventor of this game, or that it is known by another name.  If so, please advise.

The rules are very simply complicated; that is to say, simple in nature, complicated in practice.  The game is based on a stream-of -consciousness-like language string.  Winning consists have having either the longest, or most interesting, or witty string.

As for rules, there is only one: To construct a string of words or word parts that relate or concatenate in a meaningful way while going on and on for as long as possible. The method of concatenation is the Morph part.  The parts blend, warp, or morph into one another in a mind-bending ride of pure associative fun.  Reading a well constructed string to a friend is sure to put them in a world of crazy confusion. The rule is loose-- if any associative sense can be made at all, it is a fair morph.


Morgan Freeman is not alone I stand up and over the top of the world series of unfortunate events that changed history of clothes on sale half price of success-driven to work a holic caustic k mart ian appolis not what it seems too good to be or not to be my owner's manual transmission of news to me and my shadow government agent orange sticker shock theatre of the absurd Pinter's dumbwaiter at the table of the elements of style setting limits, etc, etc.

Not a prize-worthy attempt, but an honest impromptu.

Notice the morphing:  me and my shadow,  shadow government, government agent, agent orange, orange sticker, sticker shock, shock theatre, theatre of the absurd.  Some of the morphing may be tenuous, personal, enigmatic, or just indecipherable.

one can use whole words, playful enclitics, partiforeign words-- it all adds to the meaningless (not always) addictive fun of it all.

Enjoy! ----

ful noise level headed south of the border town without pity bity spider sitting there she blows bubbles in the sky king of beers!



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Dec. 21st, 2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
more morph notes
Compression is a key factor. How many identifiable ideas can you index within one semi-sensical run-on sentence? One can play for long effect, or very short effects. Actually, good written english qualifies as morphing, but not of the competitive sort since it is both generally too short, and yet not firmly enough compacted.
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