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Pubble Bazzle | XV |

It all comes back to the puzzle. 

1) Crowleycrow's question on "turning the screw" has also an answer in climbing the tower, taking the spiral path to the top.  There are still many issues concerning the shape of the tower, its squareness, or roundness, its "screw-shapedness."  If the Brueghel painting is accurate it possess both (or all three) shapes.  This would would contrive to combine both the the "round" and the "square" memory methods mentioned by Robert Fludd via Yates.  Interesting that Fludd also designed "perpetual motion machines" (that some tried to get patents for) involving screws. 

An imagined Nimrod shouts: "We will take this hill, build it high, and its tower we will screw into some sweet socket of heaven, that even the gods may shudder!"  There possibly was some thought in those days of a physical war with heaven.  Some accounts said that arrows shot in the air returned to the earth with their tips dripping blood. Why not send an army?

2) Sub Rosa has alway suggested the meaning to me of  "under the skin."  Also "showing pink" in the naughty sense, under. What better title than "Pierce Goes Round the Roses" might be given to a critical exploration of the Aegypt Cycle?

3) Thinking of anselmo-b's remarks, Borges, sub rosa, memory systems while attempting to dream of the puzzle.  Last night I had surface dreams: the surface of the Euphrates, the surface of puzzle pieces in slanting light devoid of all images, just light on water; I dreamt later that the pieces, once connected, changed to an entirely different image, became a video screen, and then an alternating billboard showing first the yellow glasses of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, and then the rose window of Notre Dame lying just beneath them.

4) Fludd recommends that one use actual places instead of places created in the imagination.  Let this real picture of the Babel Tower become my house of memory.  Let it begin.


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Jan. 30th, 2009 04:29 pm (UTC)
I meant to mention that Gatsby's Daisy is a rose by another name.
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