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I suppose I could change this blog name to better suit the puzzle quest? Well no, even though the puzzle will take 6 to 8 months to complete, if I am very active. But what I think I will do is use the heading above in case anybody wants to "tune out" and read other types of posts.  I have not forgotten the dozen or so other threads I must continue to pursue here.

Why a puzzle?  My creative capacity is reactive.  I don't know if that is true for everyone, but only by focusing on a difficult organizational task does my mind begin to invent and explore on its own.  Prime the pump sort of thing.  Ditto for reading.  I think I read so much because I have not had the mental energy to write, and if I did not read at all I would have no mental capacity to write.  

Also it is a defined world within to work imaginatively.  One of the problems with writing a novel, for instance, is defining and limiting the scope of the world in which the novel will exist.  How does one consistently talk about the world of the novel and not some other world?  Especially not to allow the writing to be contaminated with the contemporary world?  So I want to do writing anchored in the world of the puzzle.  So far it has been very reality based, but I do not intend to confine myself to that mode.  Also, it gives a real format of a journey over time.  In a novel this would be imagined, but doing an experience in real time might help to develop the ability to make a convincing fictional account.

Puzzle notes:  1) Although the first named puzzle piece was "The Running Man" I have become dissatisfied with that name and have changed it to: "The Wheel" which of course is the Wheel of Fortune.  2) After several hours of standing Teal Men on their heads, laying them down, fitting them with Great Helms, and positioning Lovers here and there, I was making no progress.  So I disassembled the last two feet of the teal border and re-constructed it correctly.  Before it looked possibly ok.  Now it looks absolutely correct.  So the pieces, as they say, are falling into place.
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