David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Getting Edgy

The puzzle still has three edge-pieces lost out in the wild somewhere.  The top edge (North) is completely finished after relocating a few George Bushes.  There is a single piece missing from each of the remaining sides: West, East, and South.  West and South are missing a Sitting Man.  and the East is missing a....

Edge piece names:

Sitting Man-- described already
Sitting Crusader Left-- flat bottom instead of dock
Sitting Crusader Right-- ditto
The Chalice-- a Great Helm inverted with a flat bottom in place of the tab, and the dock on top
The Reliquary-- a Great Helm upright with a flat bottom in place of  the dock

.... East is missing either a Chalice or a Reliquary. We will have to wait to see which it will be.

Next, the migrations.  The Standing Men, be they Prussian, Teal, Black, or Gold will begin moving to the four corners of the puzzle where they will find their homes.

Tags: babel puzzle

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