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The Standing Man, The Sitting Man

Perhaps the most recognizable of all puzzle pieces is the "Standing Man."  A head, two arms, two legs, and of varying statures, this shape gives the impression that the puzzle is a vast tribe of men, herding perhaps mastodons? Standing Men are created in more colors than we have currently to identify the races of mankind.  Surely we know enough about biology and evolution to some day dispense with the idea of "races."  Are we not all Standing Men?  one might Moreau-ilize in puzzlement.

A Standing Man is defined as a rectangle with a tab at the top, and three docks-- a dock at each side to form a waist, and a dock on the bottom separating the legs.

Puzzle forms so far identified: 

The Standing Man-- described above
The Running Man-- described yesterday
The Lovers-- essentially the two upper halves of a Standing Man joined at the waist.
The Shield or the Mirror-- a square with a tab on all four sides
The Great Helm-- a square with at tab on top, and on the left and right sides, but a dock on the bottom
Crusader kneeling Left-- a square with tab on top, tab on right side, dock on left, dock on bottom.
Crusader kneeling Right-- a square with tab on top, tab on left side, dock on right, dock on bottom

The Crusader forms could be called many things, including a positional variation on the lovers, or,  well,  tabs pointing left and right are suggestive of another sort of male aggression. But we will keep to the high ground and Freud can go hang.  I can choose to say that the tab is the sword extending behind the kneeling crusader if I like, even though I suppose Freud would not let me off the hook for that maneuver.

As for the edge pieces, hmmm, I have not thought of them in any other way than "edge."  I will have to take that up next.  I do notice immediately that there is a "Sitting Man"  which would be the Standing Man without the bottom dock (thus the straight edge).

The West Border of the puzzle is all in except tor the lack of one Sitting Man.  Where does he sit among the mastodons? Where indeed?

Cydonia photo: ESA

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