David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

At Play in the Fields of the Tower

The Pluck Board now contains the white-ish pieces of the sky.  I say white-ish, because none of them are all white, but all contain some white.  White-gray, white-blue, white-yellow, white-green, all mixed in varying amounts, smeared this way and that, or speckled, flecked with varying amounts of cloud, sunlight, and reflections of moist verdure.

The Pluck Board holds the white-ish parts of sky, but is itself not wieldy . It is a few ounces too heavy and slightly too large to hold comfortably by one end while stooping to pluck a color palette from the main table.  Also, if laid on top of the puzzle, some pieces tend to stick to the bottom of it.  So I have declared a smaller foam board no larger than 12X24 inches as a "Boogie Board" for quick gatherings.

All four corners have been found.  In fact, all edge pieces have been found, at least provisionally.  For some reason straight edges on darker pieces are often harder to see, and found later.  By removing most of the white-ish pieces, the contrast of the "field of pieces" has diminished.  Darker browns, blues, greens, and the gold-browns that inform most of the tower itself, now predominate.  Of the four corners one is prussian blue, one teal, one chocolate brown, and one a greenish-grey-gold.

Tomorrow there will be a discussion of shapes.
Tags: babel puzzle

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