David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Musicophilia = life in 3/4 time

Why Music? That is the issue first brought up in Oliver Sack's 2007 book Musicophilia.  He references the Overlords in Clarke's Childhood's End as being clueless about the human obsession with music.  What's with these chanting compulsively repetitive apes? they might be thinking. 

To me, while music has its mystical qualities, its pleasures, its real addictive quality is that it organizes time.  Without it , it's much more difficult to perceive time in fact.  It does not surprise me that our most reliable and extended scraps of memory are often related to a piece of music.  If nothing else, music itself stands as a highly memorable event, and when it doubles as an associative background for a personal experience of importance-- well then you have a formula for "unforgettable."  

Music stands as another tool in a Yatesian house of memory, one easily remembered and capable of distributing ideas through a time-frame so that memory can be held not only in three dimensions, but in four.

Tags: music, psychology, writers and writing

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