David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Permanence Personified

After being around on LJ for a year provisionally, and finding a few good souls that have enriched my visits here with more food for thought than I could have hoped for-- my cup is full, and so I have (being a sucker for such deals) elected to become a permanent member of LJ. 

I find that keeping at least part of my journal ramblings online is a very stimulating proposition that not only encourages me to produce something more often, but also to engage in a level of expression that might be comprehended by other humans if they are both perceptive and patient.  My God, you wonder, what must his offline journal scribbles be like?  Neither you, nor I, really want to know....

So, the publishing aspect seems to draw more out of one, even though the publishing is nearly, effectively anonymous, so far as the rest of the world is concerned.  Which is fine, because I suppose that what I have to offer is not answers, no wisdom worth paying for, but just the shared perplexity of our mutual journeys. 

Just another traveler, another voice on this ship of souls.
Tags: bio

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