David Ross (dyvyd) wrote,
David Ross

Incantatory Power

I find that when I merely browse passages in the Aegypt cycle, the overwhelming rush of words-- like trying to categorize drops of water coming from a fire hose-- distracts, and I cannot regain the sense of "living in the tale" very easily that way.  However, when I start at the beginning of a chapter and read to the end I am caught up and carried in that very stream.

Like Dee and Kelly chanting and performing the exhausting rites of alchemy, the desired gold comes only when that ritual has been properly done, and Crowley leads us in a similar manner to a kind of  "story gold."  The proper chant mesmerizes us, makes us see, feel, bite into the soft metal, and believe the gold is real.  And while we so believe:  it is real.  Later, as we are fleeing enemies, as dross facts attempt to draw- and-quarter our imaginations,  the gold evaporates.  Our fault, not the fault of the creator.

This signals the time to refill our treasure chests by doing the incantation again.
Tags: john crowley

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